“Jamaica, Long Opposed to Marijuana, Now Wants to Cash In on It”

The hurricane frenzy has died down in Jamaica. Now back to the business of life. This article appeared on the front page of the New York Times on Sunday, a big deal. It outlines Jamaica’s plans for marijuana growth and investment. It also quotes my former Cuso colleague Varun Baker about his views on the industry. It is worth a read, although I have some thoughts, of course. It is fairly well-balanced and does not rely too heavily on cliches about Jamaica, although it does draw on them briefly but I think in this case it cannot be avoided, due to the subject matter. It has an array of sources and it seems the writer actually spoke to people in person. I’m uneasy about referring to Varun, however, as a “well-traveled and educated entrepreneur”. He is all of those things, but this seems to imply that not many Jamaicans are, as if it is noteworthy. In any case, a good article overall and worth a read.

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