About Kate Chappell

"And all I offer here is the distilled poetry of my existence..." Claude McKay, Poet Laureate of Jamaica, 1890-1848 I have been a reporter since 1998, covering mainly business and politics. I have also capitalized on the many skills journalism requires to become an all-around communications specialist. In addition to being a professional curious person and communicator, I have a bad case of the travel bug and can't seem to stay put. Finally, I have put my skills to work as a volunteer in the community wherever I have lived. Now, follow me as I combine these compartments of my life in Kingston, Jamaica, where I am a writer, reporter, journalist and lecturer.


A Jamaican editor definitely did not write this headline…

Mangroves and garbage

It is hard to see, but this mangrove’s roots are entangled with garbage, and lots of it. We took a trip down to the Palisadoes area, and while it is beautiful with a strong, cool breeze, the garbage is heartbreaking. Every kind of litter you can imagine, on the shoreline, encroaching into the mangrove roots. Without these trees, the ecosystem will fall apart. My daughter kept asking why people would throw their garbage everywhere, and I didn’t have an answer for her.

Formal vs. informal?

Two different endeavors, one operating likely in the informal economy, the other in the formal economy. Perhaps the same targets, both providing a service and specific expertise, both outsourcing activities, one to save time and preserve one’s security, the other to grow wealth and hope for the future. Both asking you to invest in them.