About Kate Chappell

"And all I offer here is the distilled poetry of my existence..." Claude McKay, Poet Laureate of Jamaica, 1890-1848 I have been a reporter since 1998, covering mainly business and politics. I have also capitalized on the many skills journalism requires to become an all-around communications specialist. In addition to being a professional curious person and communicator, I have a bad case of the travel bug and can't seem to stay put. Finally, I have put my skills to work as a volunteer in the community wherever I have lived. Now, follow me as I combine these compartments of my life in Kingston, Jamaica, where I will be a voluteer with CUSO-VSO. I am working in Kingston with YOU Jamaica, a non-profiit organization that does mentoring and career counselling with the country's youth. CUSO-VSO is an international agency that places professionals in communities where they work to promote sustainable development.

Reviewing policy

Follow up from yesterday. Seems the PM is listening. Good work Sue!

Access to service denied

This is some important work Susan Goffe has done about accessing government services or even just buildings while wearing clothes deemed inappropriate. It may seem trivial. But it was not trivial to me when I was nearly denied entry to the hospital with my days-old daughter when she was critically ill. I was wearing a nursing tank top and the guards did not want to let me in. Luckily I had a shirt on hand but I hate to think what would have happened had I not. There is no law or written convention for most departments. It is arbitrary and discriminatory.