About Kate Chappell

"And all I offer here is the distilled poetry of my existence..." Claude McKay, Poet Laureate of Jamaica, 1890-1848 I have been a reporter since 1998, covering mainly business and politics. I have also capitalized on the many skills journalism requires to become an all-around communications specialist. In addition to being a professional curious person and communicator, I have a bad case of the travel bug and can't seem to stay put. Finally, I have put my skills to work as a volunteer in the community wherever I have lived. Now, follow me as I combine these compartments of my life in Kingston, Jamaica, where I am a writer, reporter, journalist and lecturer.

“Being Kidn”

My daughter had her first day of homework. The directions were to think of something she is good at. She said ”Being Kidn” -meaning kind – we are working on spelling. So she drew a picture of her another little girl showing she had four apples and gave two away. A reminder we perhaps all need at times.

Life goes on

Downtown Kingston, Sept. 2, 2021. I went downtown to get some pictures for a story, right as a confrontation between a taxi driver and police ended in someone being killed. A good part of the downtown area was crippled with traffic as a major artery was cut off with yellow police tape. But life goes on. Commerce goes on. Downtown is a whole different world, seemingly immune to COVID.