About Kate Chappell

"And all I offer here is the distilled poetry of my existence..." Claude McKay, Poet Laureate of Jamaica, 1890-1848 I have been a reporter since 1998, covering mainly business and politics. I have also capitalized on the many skills journalism requires to become an all-around communications specialist. In addition to being a professional curious person and communicator, I have a bad case of the travel bug and can't seem to stay put. Finally, I have put my skills to work as a volunteer in the community wherever I have lived. Now, follow me as I combine these compartments of my life in Kingston, Jamaica, where I am a writer, reporter, journalist and lecturer.

“Rohan Bulkin and the Shadows”

My friend Juleus Ghunta has written another book. My children still love his first book, Tata and the Big Bad Bull, after many reads. (I wrote about Juleus 9 years ago now, check it out here.) Juleus is a remarkable person and his new book is compelling reading for just about anyone who has suffered trauma, or knows someone who has. It has a unique perspective I’ve never come across that will appeal to many different people. Its perspective is also specific to the Caribbean, which one can argue, holds collective trauma in its heart and mind that urgently needs healing. The illustrations are beautiful as well. Check out the links and you can pre-order the book.