BBC World Questions

This is a link to the BBC World Questions session that occurred last week in Kingston.

Juleus Ghunta on the BBC

There are a lot of inspirational speakers out there. Some move you to change your ways for a few days. Some get you to dream. And very few touch your heart with their sheer will to not only survive but thrive. This was the case for me when I heard Juleus Ghunta speaks seven years ago. I had just moved to Jamaica and was not even close to beginning to understand anything about this country. I’m starting to begin to understand now that I don’t really understand a whole lot. Anyway, Juleus gave me hope. As simple as that. For my time in Jamaica. For the youth. For life itself. And if we do not have hope, we have nothing

This is a lovely feature on Juleus on BBC. And check out my story on his book of poems here.