Look closer

E02D5233-D4B3-49A7-AF5C-EF4F090AB024.jpegHaving a toddler means lots of exploring. Which means I see a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally notice. The lizards dashing around. Butterflies flitting  about. Flowers, seeds, rocks. All are fascinating. It teaches you to slow down and appreciate the moment, and to learn all over again. And is there anything better than watching a beautiful little girl shriek with delight as she chases a butterfly around?

18 Degrees North returns

18 Degrees North’s third season will return on Feb. 18 at 9pm on TVJ. Check out the promo here. I worked on the debut episode with several colleagues. It is an analysis of dancehall artist Vybz Kartel and the propriety of him benefitting from his music catalogue while imprisoned. It is an excellent episode, if I do say so myself.

JA synchronized swimming team tries to get to the Olympics

It seems the synchronized swimming team based in Kingston is no more. However, a new team materialized in Port Antonio. And they are doing quite well, despite financial challenges. I hope they become the first team to make the Olympics. Check out the story here.

This brings me back to all those hours in the pool. All that training, all that chlorine and the bonds with your teammates- almost no words were necessary. Not to mention the fact that we could swim two lengths underwater and balance upside down. I can still do it all, if I try hard enough and if I don’t worry about technique.