Help Walker’s Place of Safety


What a fate for these two young girls. Imagine you do not live with your parents – they don’t want you. Can’t care for you. They left the country. Or passed away. So you are shipped to a “place of safety.” You are scared. Alone. Feeling abandoned. And then to perish in a literal hell. Just imagine. If you can. The heat. The pain. The fear. And no one comes to save you.

Walker’s Place of Safety was destroyed in a fire on Tuesday. A 12-year-old and a 16-year-old died. Thirty-four other children are in need of basic supplies. Please help if you can.

How can this happen after the Armadale fire?

No deportation

This is a bad news story turned good. An elderly woman was almost deported from the Ü.K. after authorities claimed she was an illegal alien. Paulette Wilson had been in the country since she was 11. It took a little bit of common sense and humanity to solve the problem. I’m afraid this type of thing might become more common and acceptable as the leader of the free world has the point of view he does of countries that have people he feels are not like him.


Last night as I was feeding my son, I began to check Twitter. At first, I thought it a joke: a tsunami warning. But indeed, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake had hit in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras and Belize.

I immediately began searching for government warnings or any sort of information. ODPEM, the government’s disaster preparedness arm, was not helpful.

I started to panic, thinking of our two babies sleeping peacefully. Not only was nature a threat in this case, but mass panic, inadequate infrastructure and a lack of safe refuge. Or maybe the latter exists but we have not been informed of anything useful

Prime Minister Andrew Holness did communicate the following:

As several people pointed out on Twitter, however, it was easier to learn about the threat from international media. Another case of a severe deficit of communication from authorities.