Long Walk to Freedom

At the last minute, I decided to attend Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom concert. We got bleacher tickets and the view was surprisingly good. The sound not so much. It even conked out for poor Buju’s set. His entrance was a spiritual experience, I think, for the entire 35,000 people there. His voice is still on point- his energy, though…I’m sure many years in prison will change you. For someone who has been listening to Buju since I was a teenager, it was goosebumps all night. That’s the thing about him- somehow there’s a spiritual element that connects with people. Even someone who grew up in another so very different world. The actual staging of the event was also well done, given how many anticipating people there were in one space. I am grateful I was there. 349CE622-754C-4A9F-AA45-53BA08F080BD.jpeg

Constant Spring Market

The Constant Spring Market is no more.

Despite an injunction, it was demolished over the weekend. I wonder where the vendors are going to go. Jamaican entrepreneurs are nothing but resilient and resourceful so they will find another way to survive. I hope they will find a way to get by until then.