“Jamaican school now says 7-year-old girl with dreadlocks may attend”

The little girl at the centre of the dreadlocks debate will be allowed to attend school in September. Her parents haven’t decided if they will send her. This is a follow-up article for the Washington Post. Thank you to the family for sharing their story. This cannot be easy, having to justify why your child should be able to wear her hair as she has for her whole life.

“Educatours Story”

This is so cool. Some young Jamaican educators are using “gamification” to teach students. I know all too well now how difficult it is to retain their attention during lectures or teaching sessions. Coming to them on their level, on phones, is a partial solution.

“Rediscover Jamaica”

This is the government’s new tourism campaign aimed directly at locals. It has receive mixed reviews…

New Yorker on Jamaica’s Pandemic response

The New Yorker covered Jamaica’s response to the pandemic. It is well done- fair and balanced.

“Fears of HIV spike in Jamaica as pandemic hits prevention efforts”

My latest for Reuters.