“Serious” reading

Just about finished this book, my first “serious” book in longer than I’d care to mention, thanks to sleep deprivation courtesy of my two favorite little people. Ashamed and proud at the same time. And the book is definitely worth the read if you want to try to begin to understand colonialism and its effects.

“Cuba punches above weight with ‘white coat army’ during pandemic”

I contributed to this Reuters piece about the Cuban brigade…there are Cuban doctors in Jamaica on the frontlines of the Covid battle.

Jamaican synchronized swimming team

Good for these girls. Synchronized swimming is an extremely difficult sport, of which I have firsthand knowledge. I spent many, many hours in the pool as a teenager, training on a team. Always having skin that reeked of chlorine and dry hair. Early morning practices and nights occupied by more practices. But we were in the best shape of our lives and could swim two lengths of the pool underwater. Our team won the provincial championships.
It is not an easy sport, and these girls have added financial challenges. Good for them for their perseverance and they deserve the reward of being acknowledged by Beyoncé.