Harris and Eta

I contributed to both these stories over the weekend, for Reuters and the Washington Post.


I took this picture last week when visiting Taneka Mckoy in her community of Delacree Lane in Kingston for the Reuters story I wrote. She gets up before dawn every morning to prepare lessons and then draws them on chalkboards her husband has painted on walls. She is dedicated and loving and speaks quickly and passionately.

“Jamaican teacher turns Kingston walls into blackboards”

My latest for Reuters. Was nice to do an uplifting story.

“U.S. envoy to Jamaica insults Twitter critics – ‘you drink that cheap stuff'”

I contributed to this piece for Reuters on U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia’s tweets on social media. They’ve since been deleted, and the Jamaican government, the State department and local US reps all declined to comment when I called them for a response.