“10 Suggestions to Stop Jamaica’s Ganja Flight From Crash Landing”

I have covered the ganja industry a little bit for a couple of outlets. Its transformation to a commercialized industry was slow at best and it seems to have almost stalled now with the virus. This is an important piece from Joan “Nanook Webley.

Bongo Herman


Bongo Herman attended Saturday’s protest across from the United States Embassy. He used to play with Bob Marley’s band, and appeared in the Shottas movie (in the yellow suit, he pointed out). He was delightful to talk to, and had some strong, intelligent words about supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.



I attended the Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend, covering them for Reuters. Here is the link to the story and the photos are not from Reuters (although a Reuters photog attended and took pictures, one of which accompanies my story). Rather they are from a young man named Ajani Hickling. He has a growing interest in photography and I wanted to showcase his latest work.