“Abuse victims hope Jamaica election brings long-awaited women’s shelters”

My latest for Reuters, on the lack of a state-run women’s shelter.

And on the election

Wah gwaan Adele

After Adele posted a picture of herself in Bantu knots and a Jamaican flag top, seems honorary Jamaican (and Tom Hanks’ son) Chet Hanks wanted to capitalize on the controversy she created.

“When it too high, people a guh cry”

I reported on this last year- here is the latest from the Bank of Jamaica’s campaign to educate the public about inflation.

Storm recovery

My latest for Reuters, a contribution on the storm recovery…

Also, seems NBC News had a hard time figuring out who Usain Bolt was, using my story with a picture of Kevin Hart.

“Even fastest man alive may not be able to outrun coronavirus”


My latest for Reuters. Bolt is awaiting confirmation that he has coronavirus.