COVID 19 now in Jamaica

As I reported last week that the Coronavirus was not in Jamaica, I should report today that it is now on the island. The first suspected case is a UK national who arrived on the island on March 4. The woman’s actions are now being traced to see who she has come in contact with. There are also 32 people in quarantine, but who have tested negative for the virus.

Here is the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ press release:

Find Jasmine Deen

This is beyond heart-wrenching and awful. Please bring Jasmine home.

There has been criticism that people go missing everyday in Jamaica, which is true. All cases are heart-breaking and this can also serve as a reminder to protect our fellow vulnerable citizens.

Coronavirus not yet in Jamaica

The panic and fear surrounding Coronavirus is real. Yesterday, a voice note was circulating about the virus. A man, apparently addressing friends, said that 14 people have the virus in Jamaica, with three having died. It sounded legitimate. I immediately put some questions to the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Here is their response:

1. Up to 8 am on March 4, there were no suspected cases of COVID-19 in Jamaica. As such, no tests were being run.

2. There are no COVID-19 related deaths to be reported.

3. Also up to 8 am on March 4, there were some 30 persons in quarantine. 23 of that number were in government facilities and 7 in home quarantine.

If or when the numbers change, the public will be advised.

The Ministry has issued a press release to this effect, and you can also check out their web site, where the Minister released a statement.

There have been several scares, originating on social media, about the virus. In one of my Whatapp groups, someone posted a story about confirmed cases of the virus in Kingston. A quick google search revealed it was in the U.K. Media illiteracy is certainly contributing to the panic, as is a lack of general information.

In any case, it seems the best prevention is hand-washing. Stay safe.