UWI horses


Three horses live On the campus of the University of the West Indies. My daughter and I went to look for them the other day after I told her about them and she would not stop talking about them. We started walking around in search of them when a man who introduced himself as Basil who looks after the white rats the students do experiments on offered to take us. We walked through some grass and by some maintenance buildings and then came upon the first horse. We found two more then thanked Basil and went on our way.

Soft ban on plastics #plasticbanja

The plastic ban went into effect on January 1, 2019. I wrote about it for the Washington Post awhile ago, you can read the story here.

I was curious, though, after visiting several establishments, as to why they were still handing out plastic bags and straws. A couple of vendors told me the government was allowing them to finish their stock. According to NEPA, this is true. Here is their response to me when I queried on Twitter.

Indeed, they are allowing vendors to use the remaining plastic products. So it is more of a soft ban than a complete ban as of Jan. 1, 2019.

Assistance needed

Can anyone help?
This is from a source:

A humanitarian appeal:

33 year old Patrick Delroy Thomas was in 2013 picking ackees with a metal stick to sell in order to make a living. The stick touched an exposed electrical line and he was electrocuted. He lost both arms and was crippled. His family thereafter refused to look after him and so he lives on the sidewalks of Papine (Kingston). where he begs money in order to survive. He also has to pay someone, anyone (including males) to look after him: feed, clothe, bathe, do hygiene change etc.

I appeal to all who read this to make a contribution to what he wants most: prosthetic arms so that he might be able to help himself and become a little more independent.

If you are willing to make a contribution — J$1000 per person or more? — please so indicate and we will get back to you.

Lloyd D’Aguilar
Human Rights Advocate and Activist

Sandals under fire

Jamaica’s tourism industry continues to be tarnished as reports of lawsuits against Sandals have surfaced. They were the subject of an ABC morning show report. That is a heavily watched show, and exactly the demographic the industry targets.

Of course, I am only speaking from a business perspective. More importantly, I hope the women who suffered the alleged sexual assaults have healed as much as they can.