Tonight on TVJ at 930

Alexis Goffe of Jamaicans for Justice, Oneil and me

Last time I will plug this story. My piece airs tonight on TVJ at 930pm. It will then be posted online on Thursday evening at

The process, from start to finish, was one of the most challenging endeavours I have ever undertaken. Prior to this, I had never done television journalism. I was under the false impression that it would be easier than print. I thought this because investigative print pieces require vigorous and exhaustive research. You must also achieve “the get”, ie those important interviews with key officials or sources. Then, the piece must be written, carefully crafted so that it flows into the reader’s brain easily, so they can think about what they are being told, rather than labouring over the actual language and flow of the piece.

How wrong I was. All this and more is required for television. You must do all of the above, and THEN get enough footage to illustrate the piece. I had no idea. It was an amazing, exhilarating and exhausting process but I am happy with how the piece turned out.

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