Coaster crackdown

Transit officials are today cracking down on “party buses,” otherwise known as coasters, or officially, as public passenger vehicles. It is about time, as there are way too many accidents and fatalities. These buses are generally packed beyond capacity and the drivers careen about with impunity. They are fast and cheap, however, thus the appeal.

Until recently, I was unaware of the phenomenon of “party buses,” which apparently drive around with high school students. These students are shielded by tinted windows and enjoy loud music and whatever activities they want to partake in that would not receive approval from guardians or parents. From today’s article:

“Yes, this is true. We have been getting the reports that these rogue operators are using their vehicles to keep these wild parties and targeting vulnerable students to engage in a number of illegal activities,” Lewis had told the Observer.

He said the seizure of a “party” bus drove home the point that the crackdown on tinted buses is justified.

“The clampdown on buses with tints and sound systems is important, if we are to maintain law and order in the transportation sector,” said Lewis.

So it is indeed about time that authorities bring down the law on these PPVs. I do hope, however, that they don’t take away the loud music. I have grown partial to it, as well as the experience in general. Yes, sometimes it can be extremely trying on the senses when you are packed in, sweating, afraid to look out the window as you barrel down a highly congested street. But overall, I do love the coasters for their efficiency, price and the sensory overload, at least most days. (If you are so inclined, you can read all about my coaster experiences here.)

4 thoughts on “Coaster crackdown

  1. I don’t like being driven too fast by anybody and I don’t enjoy loud music in my ears either while I am hurtling down the road! I have never traveled in a coaster or minibus in Jamaica and will continue to avoid them! I don’t want to end up as a traffic accident statistic!

    But the appeal of the “party buses” to students isn’t that they are fast and cheap, but the music and other activities that go on inside them. We know someone who used to drive one and he told us the students used to bring their own music and videos to play in the bus and they were “worse” than the ones the conductor used to bring. The other problem is over-crowding which makes the bus much less stable and prone to accidents. The students will also let other buses go by and wait for a specific bus (which often makes them late for school, too…) Yes, they just need to be inspected on a very regular basis.

  2. They should be inspected prior to taking the road, you’re right, but I think this has been part of the problem, ie the lack of inspections. Maybe now they will stop insuring these buses. Hopefully.

  3. That is crazy. however, prior to the buses heading to the road aren’t they inspected and insured appropriately? If so then they should stop insuring such vehicles once they are inspected and suspected that they maybe used for a “Party Bus”. I can’t believe that in broad daylight these folks drive about with a vehicle violating so much codes. Those drivers are brazen.

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