Jacques Road: Working Together for Peace

I must reblog this post today from Emma Lewis, who came down to Jacques Road with us a few days ago. She has written this beautiful post that captures the project and the essence of the community so well. On Wednesday, we will be holding a formal ceremony to thank the people involved in the project, stay tuned for that. Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and family!

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An early afternoon in Kingston, clouds riding high above Wareika Hill – the further end of the green limestone ridge called Long Mountain that runs along the eastern side of the city. Down below, in the area generally called Mountain View, I am taking my time traveling along Jacques Road in the company of Cuso International volunteer Kate Chappell and her colleagues. A young man sits outside a small shop with a laptop balanced on his knees. Three women take a pause from their daily chores for a chat, hands on hips. Most of the children are still in school, but will begin drifting home soon. Dogs lounge in the shade.

We stop at a dip in the road which runs parallel to Mountain View Avenue. Opposite, a small block-making business is at work, in the shade of a spreading guango tree. I have noticed how surprisingly green…

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