CB Group/UWI 5K Race

Today was the second annual CB Group/UWI 5k Race up at the University of West Indies. The event, called the “Walk Good, Run Great for Education and Sports Development” was a fundraiser to help provide academic and sports scholarships for 20 exceptional first and second-year university students. Last year, 2,800 people participated and $18 million (Jamaican) was raised and judging by this year’s turnout, it looks like a similar amount may have been collected.

I participated with my running group, TrainFit Club. I was not sure how I would do as I am in the final days training for the full Reggae Marathon on Dec. 7. I decided to make this my last race and final bit of speed work. I’m not sure, however, how I did in relation to other races. This is because a marshal on the course directed people on the wrong route!!! So we ended up running 4.3 kilometres rather than the full five. I knew something was wrong when it seemed I was a full two or three minutes faster than usual. My time has still not been posted but I have a feeling my tired legs didn’t carry me as fast as usual. Time to what they call “taper” now; this means I decrease my mileage over the next couple of weeks in preparation for the full 42.2 kilometres.

The race also felt a little bit different because of the absence of Alfred Frano Francis, the main organizer for Running Events Jamaica, who is a familiar and hard-working presence at every race. He has been ill but is expected to make a full recovery.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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