Major Lazer/Skrillex

Last night we headed down to the National Stadium for a Major Lazer show. The truth is I am old and don’t fully understand or know much about these guys, but I do know it was a good show. It pulled a relatively young crowd (mostly university students) but it was well-attended. Major Lazer has worked a lot with Jamaican artists and has a strong following here and the crowd seemed to respond well.

The only surprise was the fact that it ended promptly at 2am, as per the city of Kingston’s noise by-law. Lately, the cops have to literally come on stage to unplug instruments and microphones to stop the entertainment in accordance with the by-laws, because apparently people have been complaining about noise.

And of course, the performers made sure to thank the sponsors, Red Stripe, Pepsi, etc., for their generous sponsorship, which meant “all-inclusive” drinks flowing all night. The cops were also out in full force, mingling with the crowd, which stayed peaceful. Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “Major Lazer/Skrillex

  1. I have heard of these people but don’t know a thing about them! We did hear a lot of it from our house… Great video although I’ve seen those dance moves so many times before! Glad the show went well and you all had fun…

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