Winter running

This morning I woke early, before the sun rose, to get in a long run. I looked out the window and almost went back to bed. Pitch black and snowing. Ugh. But my desire to run outweighed my fear of the weather. It was worth it. I set out on the run in the dawn, as the light turns from black to purple to blue. The snow was gently falling so it was like running through powder. Lovely.

I ran downtown, got to survey all the new construction going up, and said many “Good mornings” to people, out of habit. Ottawans apparently do not like this, as only one person out of about a dozen responded. Everyone else looked at me in shock, it seemed. Or maybe they were just disgusted by the weather and the roads. I was driving around today, not many people out there. Now I am home and trying to warm up. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

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