“Poor people fed up”

Heading back to Kingston today. Please read this article by my brilliant colleague Jaevion Nelson. He has written a sentiment I always try to express with less success: people from low income communities (or “the poor” or whatever other euphemism you want to use- basically code to separate us from them and create “the other”) are blamed for many of society’s problems.

This point of view fails to account for the fact that this could be any of us at any given time. It also fails to account for the fact that we live in a society, which means to a certain extent, we are responsible for one another’s well-being. Please read it at this link and enjoy your day.

2 thoughts on ““Poor people fed up”

  1. This is a great piece. As the entertainer Bounty killer said in his song titled Poor People Fed up; “anytime mi we hungry again them ago si mi nine”. These citizen has to fight for life like crabs in a barrel. The Brazilian movie “City of Gods” protray this type of oppression best in the local ghetto/favelas. With opportunities there will be room for a honest hustle & not pipe dreams. There also the Bounty Killer song “Suffer”.

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