Orange Villa: “I don’t want anything less than justice”

I am re-blogging this today as it is a must-read. Emma’s first-person account puts a human face on crime and “extrajudicial” killings. It reminds us that we can become immune to reacting to the daily headlines shouting at us about two or three more people killed (statistically about one in ten of them by police on an annual basis). Also, no words. Rob Ford is drunk again, this time speaking patois. Jamaican blogger Annie Paul was contacted by the New York Times yesterday and appeared in this story. Check it out

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We were driving down to the Orange Street Jewish Cemetery (more about this in a later post). It was a busy Monday lunchtime, and on the way we were slightly delayed by a minor accident – two cars with rumpled radiators and rear bumpers. Nothing serious. But as we drew near to the cemetery, we came across a yellow tape, right across Orange Street, with another one further down the street. In Jamaica, that means only one thing.

The Jewish Cemetery, where volunteers from overseas were working on recording a part of Jamaica’s history, appeared to be in the middle of a crime scene.

I managed to slip through to the cemetery entrance, and was almost overrun by a group of military-looking policemen in black overalls, all carrying big guns and all laughing and joking among themselves. They had apparently just set up the yellow tape. They seemed very happy…

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2 thoughts on “Orange Villa: “I don’t want anything less than justice”

  1. Interesting piece. I learned a lot. I had no idea that cemetery was used by the Jewish community. The scene is familiar I past it on my last visit to the island. Also the death of the innocent soul. My uncle (not by blood) neighbor was murdered by a police officer in that same community while he was working. Is this a trend? It seems as if everyone below crossroads life means nothing.

    Seemed like a few degrees of separation Ms. Emma. Another ambitious soul wiped out. My regards.

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