Children’s Treat in Jacques Road, Mountain View

Yesterday, dozens of children in the community of Jacques Road in Mountain View turned out to enjoy a bouncy castle, mini-merry-go-round, some presents and good food. Hosted by the Jacques Road Parenting Association, the treat for the neighbourhood’s children was held at 63 Mountain View Avenue in partnership with the Social Development Commission and other contributors such as Lasco and the Bashy Bus. CB Chicken and Food for the Poor provided generous donations of food for the children. The Tax Administration of Jamaica were also present to register people for a Taxpayer Registration Number, which is an important component of citizenship in Jamaica.

The community of Jacques Road, under the leadership and guidance of Ann Marie Lynch and Pastor Francena Pryce, has made great strides in reducing crime and violence, poverty and teenage pregnancy. Pryce and Lynch have worked hard, and they also attribute the positive changes to the presence of Youth Opportunities Unlimited, which originally started working there in 2003.

Yesterday’s event saw hundreds of people from the community attend to watch the children have some fun and enjoy some treats they don’t usually get. And there was no mistaking their delight: shrieks of joy, smiles and even patience as they waited for their friends to finish their turns on the rides.

I was also able to catch up with Jovan, a talented young poet and writer who continues to practice his craft while working at Burger King since November. He is one of the community’s young leaders and continue to work hard to achieve his goals.

In addition to this children’s treat, Jacques Road is celebrating a milestone with the founding of its Parenting Association. It will also officially open its Internet Cafe this Wednesday, which was built in part with help from the Canadian Navy, and celebrate its new and improved Homework Centre. Stay tuned for a report on this and enjoy your Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Treat in Jacques Road, Mountain View

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    Last year, I accompanied CUSO volunteer with Youth Opportunities Unlimited Kate Chappell and colleagues to Jacques Road, an inner-city community that has truly made a lot of progress in overcoming the challenges of crime and instability in recent years. I am sharing another post from Kate, who had fun at a weekend children’s treat. The opening of the Internet Cafe has now been postponed to next month, but it’s something to look forward to, as well. Please read my articles on earlier visits to Jacques Road here: and

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