Cuso International facing shortfall

I have been a volunteer with Cuso International for almost two years now in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to the work we carry out on-the-ground, we are also responsible for raising funds to help support the organization. I have just been alerted to the fact that Cuso is facing a $100,000 shortfall for the fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2014. And I would like to continue to try to do my part to raise funds to support this wonderful organization. I have raised some of the $2,000 we commit to, but still have a ways to go. Please visit my personal fundraising page and donate if you can. You can learn more about me and what Cuso does around the world.

Over the past couple of years, Cuso (along with many other groups in the international development realm) has faced financial uncertainty as the Canadian government reconsiders its foreign policy and its larger role on the international stage. Of late, the Harper government is shifting its foreign policy such that it is fueled more by economic interests than with previous administrations.

I am biased, of course, but I strongly urge you to donate to Cuso so that it can continue the wonderful work it is doing around the world. Thank you in advance for your support.

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