Coverage of “Songs of Redemption”

The Gleaner attended last week’s screening of “Songs of Redemption”. They sent a photographer and “social” reporter, who took plenty of photographs and interviewed me for background. The coverage appears today on the Gleaner’s web site, and perhaps the paper, but I haven’t seen that.

It is a solid story and includes one picture of me and Justice Minister Mark Golding, who is apparently “listening keenly” to me. We were talking about a new investigative report I am working on for 18 Degrees North. Check out the story here.

As I’ve discussed before, the media is very different here. I suggested to the reporter that I could arrange interviews with all the relevant parties, but she declined, opting instead to get quotes from people emailed to her this week. The Gleaner (and Observer I think) will also accept stories submitted to them by people (usually public relations people) and run them as their copy. In any case, we are happy for the coverage.

Photo courtesy of the Gleaner/Colin Hamilton

3 thoughts on “Coverage of “Songs of Redemption”

  1. Yes, the usual sort of coverage one can expect on these kinds of occasions. They are usually keen to see which “bigwigs” are there but don’t normally delve much deeper. Which is a shame. The film was powerful and deserved more attention.

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