Marty Rogers or Kenny Rogers?

On the second leg of my journey to work, I catch a route taxi, which means I wait in a yard while the driver gathers four people to carry. This yard is full of route taxis, vendors, people passing through. So of course, there is always a ton of activity and a lot of random, nonsense conversations and debates. The wait is usually between five to 15 minutes, so one is privy to a lot of loud chatting and vociferous back-and-forthing.

For whatever reason, a popular topic of debate is music. The other day, two drivers were having a fierce argument about the source of the sentiment ‘you can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.’ One fellow swore it is the Bible, another was certain it was Bob Marley. One driver had to leave before they concluded the debate, so it was never resolved.

Today, two older gentlemen were debating who sings the popular song “Write your name across my heart”. It is by Kenny Rogers, who is absolutely beloved here in Jamaica, but one of the participants in the debate argued that the singer is one Marty Rogers.

In any case, here is the song, which is probably played at least once a day in Jamaica. I’m sure the debate will be ongoing all day.

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