(Non-Existent) Male Jogger Raped by (Non-Existent) Homo Thugs

The story I linked to yesterday is getting a lot of traction, spurring a lot of discussion, much of it fuelled by skepticism. As a journalist, I read the story and was left with more questions than answers, never a good sign. Either your verify everything several times, or you kill the story for later, that is good journalism. A fellow blogger explicates all the holes in the story here in this post I am reblogging. I’m not sure I share his view that the Observer has such an agenda, but there is definitely something going on in that newsroom. Enjoy your Friday.

Beast of No Nation

Right now I’m supposed to be in exile and solitude, studying the works of the Philosophers and mastering my techniques, but I have to it leave now. I have to confront this fuckery. The fuckery in question is that which appeared on the front of the Jamaica Observer, i.e. Male jogger gang-raped. Now before, we go through the story and pick apart the the bullshit, let me declare my stake in this.

I jog there.Four days a week. Including that Monday morning , from about 4:20 in the the morning, to 5. And I didn’t see no women helping no man bleeding out his ass (excuse my double negatives). On Tuesday, i.e., the day after the alleged incident, I had a day off from work, and when I went out,I did not hear about any such incident  from my friends in the adjoining communities of Meadowbrook Estate, Patrick City, or…

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