#PleaseTakeOurGirls! They aren’t safe here in Jamaica.

Please read this very important post from a few days ago by poet Kei Miller about Jamaica’s girls.

Under the Saltire Flag


Just last Sunday, sitting on a cool verandah here in Jamaica, a good friend told me a story and all week I have had to think hard about my reaction to it. I have had to bow my head and feel thoroughly ashamed with myself. Over and over again I have been asking  – why did laughter escape my mouth? There was nothing funny about the story.

My friend works at a school in an inner-city community in Jamaica and recently he had to fire one of the security guards. The security guard had done something unacceptable. And when asked about this unacceptable thing, the security guard had explained himself in these words: ‘Well, the little girl did show me a thing so mi just EDGE it a little.’ I was laughing of course at his language, this depiction of an act that wasn’t quite intercourse, but just the ‘edge’…

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2 thoughts on “#PleaseTakeOurGirls! They aren’t safe here in Jamaica.

  1. The mindset of “acceptable” pedophilia is so deeply entrenched in our social fabric, I fear that it will take complete destruction of “life as we know it” to truly create a change. Still,we must do every little thing we can to rip out the disease.
    Thanks for sharing this. I have found another blogger worth following.

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