Football and a stifled city

It is Friday, the end of another week, of course. It seems I am in the minority in my lack of interest in the World Cup. Flags are flying from cars all over Kingston and in many businesses and workplaces I have entered this week, the television is tuned to a game. I had to steer around a group of men glued to the set yesterday in the grocery store and the television was reluctantly turned off during a meeting yesterday. Combined with the summer heat that seemed to drop on Kingston in one quick instant a week ago, the city is slow and movement stifled.

At least during the day. The early dawn is another story. The city is another world as the sky bleaches from black to purple to blue in the early hours. The newspaper vendors start to dart around to their clients, whether on foot or motorcycle. The prostitutes wait for a last client then head home. The young guys who live in the gully gather to discuss their night’s work. The girls in their short, colourful dresses shed their heels and walk home barefoot, accompanied by a couple guys in dress shirts and jeans. And the runners (me included) pass by, soaking it all in. So many very different worlds colliding before the city stretches and wakes and starts moving for another day of hustling. It is Friday and I still am not really interested in football. I wish I were, maybe I will try to catch a few minutes of a game today. Enjoy your day.

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