“SomeNoWhere” @ManifestoJA @randymclarenRM @paula_gaye

Photo courtesy of Manifesto Jamaica

Photo courtesy of Manifesto Jamaica

The other day I attended a debut performance of a play called “SomeNoWhere” by a group of youth from Manifesto Jamaica. The 30-minute play, which was fast-paced, thought-provoking and entertaining, was created for an upcoming event in Edinburgh, Scotland called the Tin Forest Theatre Festival.

Directed by Shaun Drysdale and Randy McLaren, the play centres around a group of orphans who all possess a “superpower”. We witness them as children and then years later as successful adults.

Although the consensus in the audience seemed to be that the patois might be a little bit difficult for an international audience to pick up, the performance was well-received. The group of actors (Paula-Gaye Donaldson, Jodean Tapper, Randy McLaren, Renard Anderson, Renee Jones, Sheldon Kelly and Shaniel Orr) are aged 16-24 and are clearly talented and passionate.

As the only Caribbean collective selected to participate in the festival, they are now trying to raise money for the trip to Scotland (July 20-29). You can visit their Gofundme page if you would like to support them. (The cost of airfare has been covered by the Tourism Enhancement Fund, but they still have $3,000US to raise.)

Manifesto Jamaica, whose motto is “Educate, Expose, Empower” aims to

Manifesto Jamaica’s mission is to develop and attract opportunities for young people that inspire creativity, productivity and elevated consciousness, by harnessing the talents of nation builders.


Good luck!

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