Jamaica’s “Gully Queens”

Jamaica’s “Gully Queens”
Could some progress be occurring? A recent story in the Jamaica Observer profiled the Colour Pink Group, a non-profit organization that is training a group of young, gay, homeless men was respectful, fair and balanced. Please check it out here. The story focuses on Mr. Jermaine Burton, a tireless, talented young man who is dedicated to helping these marginalized men. It is not sensational and provides a straightforward story about an NGO trying to help a group of people. This is how it should be done. Thank you to Ingrid Brown, the writer.

The link above is to a documentary by Vice Media about these gay men who live in a gully in corporate Kingston. It is one of several that have appeared lately, and I think I like this one the best. It seems the most free of an agenda, other than providing an accurate portrayal of the unfairness of the situation. The reporter inserts himself into the story, which can always go wrong, but he does it in a way that works. Nothing is gratuitous and the reporter also does not portray these young men as victims or free of responsibility in the way that they behave. For an international audience, this would be the most accurate and fair portrayal of the situation, I would say. Check it out at the link above. It is 24 minutes that is worth your time if you want to learn about how Jamaican society treats its most vulnerable citizens.

2 thoughts on “Jamaica’s “Gully Queens”

  1. This is not pedantic, you make a good point. I would now amend this to say ‘one of’ Jamaica’s most vulnerable groups- many of them are children as well. I will check this video out too, thanks.

  2. It may seem pedantic, but I think it’s a mistake to label gays as Jamaica’s ‘most vulnerable citizens’; I think that accolade goes to children. Maybe, better to talk about marginalized groups, without implying that they stand in any particular social position.

    In another slant, and not confusing gays and transgender, it’s worth trying to make sense of the latest Vybz Kartel video, ‘Beautiful girls’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpNhzMWjVVM&feature=youtu.be

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