“Like a disease”

This morning after I finished my run up at the University, I hopped into a route taxi to take me home. The driver and a passenger were in the front and it was me alone in the back. As we approached a small traffic jam, the driver stopped the crawl of cars to let a woman pass in front of him.

“Let har pass,” he yelled out the window at the driver trying to proceed on the other side of the road. The young and shapely woman passed in front of our car and said “Tanks,” and the driver said, “Yes baby.”

As the driver and passenger both kept very keen eyes on her progress in front of us, he said, “Loving dem woman dem is like a disease.” The young passenger laughed and agreed.

“You treat women dem good and they still treat you like sh**.” They both laughed for awhile.

Its pretty clear even in patois, but this taxi driver seems to feel that loving woman and treating them well is an affliction he can’t escape.

Just an interesting moment from my day, all before 9am. Have a good one.

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