‘Everything fi mi pickney dem back-to-school bun up’

Photo courtesy of Jamaica Observer
Yesterday I had to go downtown on the coaster bus, which would drop me off right in front of my destination. However, when we reached the area, the driver had to divert from the regular route as there was a fire. So I was left wandering around for a few minutes, not knowing where I was. Traffic was also a mess. A minor inconvenience.

Forty people are now homeless, including 15 children, as a result of a possible case of arson. Here is one of the people affected, called Charmaine Burch:

“Everything fi mi pickney dem back-to-school bun up; nutten me nuh save. How me a go face this now? Me no know how it going go. My fridge, me stove, me bed, me dresser, me TV, me DVD, everything gone. No clothes not on me baby dem back,” the woman said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Apparently, people are alleging that the young men who live in the gully are involved and police are investigating. This is an impoverished area of Kingston and it appears these 40 people were squatting in a former government building. Thankfully, no one perished.

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