I was in a route taxi yesterday when it pulled up beside a battered police truck. There were three police officers in it, wearing their navy blue uniforms and caps. One of them, on the lefthand side, had a rifle perched on his knee. The long barrel was sticking out the window. We stopped beside them, my eyes followed the trajectory of the barrel (the angle of the picture isn’t quite so because we kept moving and I almost lost my nerve to snap this picture) and landed upon this mural in Crossroads. It appeared within the last year or so, a colourful piece of graffiti calling for peace and love. It is hard to see, but it reads in part: “THERES NO PEACE INNA WAR”.

One thought on ““THERES NO PEACE INNA WAR”

  1. I hate guns, especially in public. Last time I visited the island 3 cops enter a KFC to have lunch and I was like all that fire power just to eat. Assault weapons should be aimed to the floor!

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