Digicel Foundation 5K for special needs

On Saturday night, over 10,000 people clad in spandex and running shoes gathered on Kingston’s beautiful waterfront. This is a rarity, given the area’s reputation as an unsafe destination, however, thanks to Digicel and Running Events Jamaica, a 5K race for charity is now held annually. In addition to raising funds for special needs children, the race promotes the downtown as somewhere to hang out and enjoy the remarkable views. Although much of the area is still underdeveloped and neglected, Digicel recently issued a vote of confidence by building its headquarters right on the water and other cafes and businesses are popping up.

Cuso International’s Jamaican contingent decided to participate, with some of us walking, running and observing. I decided to walk with a colleague as I’m still creaky from ChikV. I had a good walk, but it felt mournful to be walking rather than sprinting all out, my usual practice during many 5K races here. However, thanks to good company and the charm of the warm night, the other participants, spectators and the downtown area itself, I enjoyed it, despite a nagging leg at the end of the race. Congratulations to all participants!

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