The eastern shore of the island is not a tourist destination, but it should be. It is peaceful, gorgeous and lush with sugar cane and farms. And there is a cool organic farming initiative going on at The Source Farm, where they grow produce and bring it in to Kingston on a bi-weekly basis for a farmer’s market, among other activities. There are several abandoned factories out here, however, including the Goodyear tire factory and a garment factory. And according to a recent survey by the Planning Institute of Jamaica, St. Thomas is the most impoverished parish in the country. The Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions (which compared 2010 figures to 2012) found that poverty affects one fifth of all Jamaicans, but in St. Thomas, the rate is the highest at 32.5 per cent.

I would have to do more research to determine why this is the case, but based on natural resources and the amount of hard-working individuals out here, it seems incongruent. I also have some questions about the survey itself, the release of which was delayed (officials apologized) and the indicators they use to define poverty. In any case, the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy your day.

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