“Peace & Love”

I was walking downtown the other day with a friend on this back lane. I wouldn’t normally walk down back lanes, but my friend had worked downtown for a year and knew this particular lane was safe. She showed me a gorgeous old Presbyterian church (we went in and looked around for a few minutes and saw one woman was taking down Christmas decorations); a fire-engine red rum bar and several businesses (the owners urged us to come in and look). Just after the church was this mural. It is beautiful and thought-provoking to me. When was this created? Why? Was it part of a community renewal project? Whose idea was this? What were their intentions? Why is it in disrepair? There are so many scenes like this, especially in the downtown area. Empty storefronts, abandoned carts that once sold food or other goods. They represent someone’s hope for a better life, a bid to start a business and earn some more money. I wonder why they failed. I wonder what happened to them. I have always discussed Jamaica’s entrepreneurial spirit. There is no shortage of that here, nor creativity. I guess it is just a matter of sustaining it, which requires a stable government, strong infrastructure, a safe environment and predictable financial markets, all of which are lacking in Jamaica still, to a certain extent all.

1 thought on ““Peace & Love”

  1. Wandering around downtown is always what they call a “bittersweet” experience. You find such amazing places (and people) but it is sad. So much decay. When you see things like this painted on the wall, you wonder. Looks like a “community notice board” where people can post flyers etc all in one place. But…these communities are often rather fractured. My husband grew up downtown (in one of lanes behind Hanover Street) and when he describes it, it sounds so vibrant. But it still is, in many ways… Just needs to be revived and sustained, as you say…

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