JA= 3rd most disappointing place to visit?

Photo courtesy of Business Insider Web site

Photo courtesy of Business Insider Web site

Jamaica = third most disappointing place on earth to visit? This is the finding of a Business Insider compilation of a Reddit discussion. Jamaica was third, apparently due to the fact that Jamaicans (I assume those working in the hospitality industries?) expect tips from visitors. Here’s the quote:

“They’re very in your face about tipping and expect money for everything … If you like staying in an all-inclusive resort wallowing on a beach doing nothing but laying about maybe Jamaica is for you. If you’re looking for exploration of nature and culture you’ll be sorely disappointed.”

If what you are expecting on a vacation is to have only positive exchanges in which no one ever asks for anything, then yes, Jamaica might be a disappointment. It is true that it can be a rather aggressive environment for tourists (especially up north). But I don’t really understand how one could be disappointed by the weather, the music, the culture, the food, the physical beauty of Jamaica. Anyway, this feature is only based on online conversations, so take it with a grain of salt. And enjoy your Friday.

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