Road repairs, just in time!

There are no coincidences, especially when United States President Barack Obama is coming to visit. Two weeks before his scheduled Apr. 9 visit to the island, the National Works Agency announced a major road repair project of the “corporate area.” The President’s cavalcade will most likely be using these roads. So for the next two weeks, we shall expect gridlock as these potholes are finally filled. Let’s hope that high quality material is used so that the repairs last more than a week and are not just cosmetic.

I wonder what other projects will be undertaken in the area. What about the homeless people who sleep on the sidewalks? The garbage that overruns the streets? We are not hearing much, understandably, about the President’s schedule. Apparently he will take part in a town hall with university students. I wonder how these students are being vetted…I wonder if we will be able to walk around? Will the president try some jerk chicken? Will he go to a dancehall night? Will he visit Devon House, the home of Jamaica’s first non-white¬†millionaire? It is safe to say, however, that everyone is working their contacts, trying to be a part of the action.

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