Security breach

Photo courtesy of Jamaica Gleaner

Yesterday morning, I was making my way up to the University of West Indies campus to visit the library. I was on a bus and it seemed to be taking longer than usual. Then we came upon the US Embassy. At first, I noticed that the line of people waiting for appointments under the covered walkway was absent. Then, I noticed many police cars, Jamaica Defense Force soldiers with their rifles and dozens of police officers walking around. Then I noticed a huge crowd and some media across the road. Something was clearly going on. A bomb threat? I thought. But the person I was on the phone with laughed and said “Jamaicans don’t care enough to do that.”

We now find out, a week before US President Barack Obama’s visit, that a “Caucasian” man (as identified by the media) threw a bag over a fence. He is now in custody, under investigation. This is very strange. I hope we get some answers.

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