Anthony’s* Story

I am reposting this blog today because the young man featured in the story is asking for help. He would like to start his own business selling spices and sauces. But he needs mentoring and some guidance. I am also seeking a suitable person, but as you can imagine, it is difficult to find someone who is sympathetic and has the time to devote. Anthony has nothing, no resources, so he has many obstacles to overcome. But after getting to know him, I have seen his passion, resourcefulness, intelligence and ambition, qualities he needs to survive and thrive. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

Jamaican Journal

This is not Anthony, but one of the boys who lived i the Gully. This is not Anthony, but one of the boys who lived i the Gully.

Life in the garrison, amongst members of the Rat Bats gang, was good for Anthony (not his real name) until he was about 12. “At a younger age, coming up, I had flamboyant behavior,” he says. At that time, people in the community started calling him Dandy Shandy or batty boy and tormenting him. He began to seek comfort in a group of boys he met while going through Halfway Tree on his way home from school. He felt comfortable with them. “I started to meet friends who had my type of behavior,” he says during a conversation at Devon House, one of the few places in Kingston boys like him feel safe to congregate. “Persons in my area started to talk (when he started coming home later). They  discriminate me, call me batty boy. And…

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1 thought on “Anthony’s* Story

  1. What about the Possibility Program, YUTE, DIGICEL, Sagicor, youth Start Up program through the ministry of youth and culture. He could have someone assist him write up a proposal for either taking a course on how to market himself or for a stall and little money!

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