Study launched for homeless youth

It seems as though there has been some movement by the government on behalf of the homeless young men who live around Kingston. They have nowhere to go as they have been kicked out of their homes and communities as a result how people react to their sexual orientation.

But MP Julian Robinson has launched a study in conjunction with the Peace Management Institute to intervene on behalf of these young men with “psycho-social counseling” and other activities. In this video (which you should watch), he says he got a lot of complaints and residents about petty crimes and criminal activity. So he got funding from the British High Commission (which is just across the street from where the young men used to live, in a gully underground.)

Robinson reveals that the study has produced some positive results. “A number of the young men has come off the streets.  A number of the violent criminal activity has come down,” he says. “The issue here is less about their sexuality…the problem here is their behavior and trying to tackle the root causes of their behavior,” he continues. Finally, some sensible words from a politician!

Robinson goes on to say that the work will continue and must include skills training. I hope he recognizes the work that the Colour Pink Group is doing, and does not duplicate it. CPG has already made great strides in training dozens of these young men and equipping them with practical skills and experience so that they can ultimately support themselves and not have to live on the street.

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