Water restrictions

The country-side is brown and arid. Water restrictions are in place across the island. This time last year, I remember monitoring the lowering Mona dam during my weekly run around it. I have not been up there in quite awhile, but I expect it looks he same as last year.

When I first moved here a few years ago, I was alarmed at the first instances of water shortages, but now I realize it is an annual event. The drought. The water restrictions. The panic and the storing of water. We have been out in the country where the rivers have either dried up or are down to a trickle, but we have not yet felt the negative impact of water restrictions.

The situation is now affecting the health facilities, which is surely a potential public health emergency. In any case, it is perplexing, when you see the number of leaking hydrants, the water parties, the waste that goes on, as well as the potential to harvest rainwater. On an island of abundance, how does this happen?

Even a sudden, unpredicted rainstorm on Monday night, complete with booming thunder, did little to help the supply. I suppose people will make do, authorities will do their rationing, and the summer will go on as usual until the rainy season comes again. 

This picture was taken a couple of years ago, at the Mona Dam, not during a drought, and is courtesy of fellow volunteer Wendy.

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