We spent a relaxing evening at Jolly’s, which is a fish restaurant on the “Back Road” in Portmore. Back Road is a strip of hotels, motels, restaurants and shops. It is also where women sell their bodies. They stand outside the hotels, where the rooms rent for about $5 per hour, some of them in only bras and underwear. They holler at the cars driving by.

But back to Jolly’s. It serves fish literally right from the ocean. We chose some parrot fish from a large, blue barrel and within minutes, it was served to us as we ate by the shore. We could see Kingston in the distance, as well as the airport landing strip. The pelicans hovered in the strong wind and of course, loud music was playing, this time some oldies from the fifties. It is always so striking how just a short ride can take you away from the craziness that is Kingston.

6 thoughts on “Jolly’s

  1. Pity about the trash on the beach, though. And I prefer not to eat any fish caught in or near the Harbour – let alone parrot fish, which I do not eat any more because it is good for the health of our coral reefs and somewhat endangered! So, never. Sorry, that sounds all very negative!! 🙂

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