53 Years!

Happy Independence Day Jamaica.

President Barack Obama congratulated Jamaica yesterday. Here is his message, courtesy of the Jamaica Gleaner:

Dear Governor General Allen:

On behalf of the people of the United States of America, let me congratulate you and the Jamaican people on the celebration of your 53rd year of independence this
August 6.

As I said during my trip to Kingston earlier this year, the United States and Jamaica are strong partners, friends, and pillars of democracy in the Caribbean.

We are working closely together on important issues such as citizen security, energy independence, and economic development.

We are also inextricably bound together by geography, a common language, and most important of all, a multitude of business, familial, and individual relationships between the Jamaican and American people.

Because of these deep and intricate ties, the long history of friendship and cooperation between our two nations, and our common goals in creating a safe, prosperous, and strong Caribbean, I am delighted to wish you and all Jamaicans continued success and prosperity as you enter your 53rd year of independence.

Barack Obama

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