Snapchat takes Jamaica

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are all popular in Jamaica, at least among the “articulate minority.” Now, Snapchat is apparently picking up steam.

The social media app yesterday featured Jamaica for 24 hours. I signed up for the app, but did not get a chance to see the pictures. (Snapchat allows people to post pictures for a few seconds, then they are destroyed forever. The pictures are showed to your “friends” and “contacts.”)

Social media marketers saw it as a chance to show another side of Jamaica, beyond the sun and sea and weed and Bob Marley. Social media is certainly popular here in JA, with the most popular app being Instagram, I would guess. Twitter is not far behind, and Facebook would probably run a close third.

It’s hard to get a grasp on any accurate figures, however. The Jamaica All-Media Survey does in fact provide a snapshot, but I can’t find any recent figures. I also wonder how surveys like this take into account Jamaicans’ habits with social media and their phones, especially in the inner-city communities. People often borrow or share phones, they don’t have regular access to money to pay for credit and they do not own their own computers, rather they go to Internet cafes or borrow a laptop. This means only a small, relatively educated segment has regular access to social media. I wonder how this shapes the media landscape. In any case, back to Snapchat. It would be interesting to see the Jamaica portrayed yesterday. Who participated? What did they show the world?

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