Photo courtesy of Loop Jamaica

Photo courtesy of Loop Jamaica

With all that is plaguing Jamaica (water shortages, crime, child abuse, the economy…you can go on), this is what draws thousands of people out of their homes on a Sunday. The threat of homosexuality. According to Loop Jamaica, 20,000 people protested homosexuality on Sunday in HalfWay Tree.

Organized by Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE), the rally protested homosexual unions. From the story:

According to Chairman of Jamaica CAUSE, Stevenson Samuels, the rally was organised not to fight against homosexuality but to give heterosexuals a voice.

“We are defending anything that frees up the people of this nation. Anything that holds people down, anything that binds people, anything that enslaves people, anything that doesn’t release them from what God made them to be, we are against,” Stephenson told Loop News.

It is hard to understand the logic: to take time out of your day to protest a relationship expressing love. To be so driven by fear and hate…It is hard to understand.

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