1 thought on “Jamaica’s silent children- a documentary

  1. Too many questions and not enough answers! There are many people and agencies trying to make a difference – imagine 200 reported cases per week, how many are unreported! The police and the government are the two most important entities in this country that need to champion a new path. This is where the answers to Julie’s questions in the last part of this documentary will be answered. Where do the resources come from, what happens after the report is made, how is the victim protected, what is the penalty, ? Set new rules and follow them. Set new examples! It is these broken children that are remaining and struggling as participants in the workforce in Jamaica. It is theses sexual pretators that continue to exercise their contribution to their community and country! Somehow this combination creates disfunction and in shows in all levels throughout the fabric of this nation! Jamaica needs to do something about this not just talk about it !

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