Mosquitos no threat this year?

Last year at this time, the Ministry of Health was warning us to help control the mosquito population. We needed to get rid of standing water and trash and use repellents. This warning was a result of the horrible ChikV outbreak.

This year, after a long drought and now a bout of heavy rain (Thank God), the mosquitos are out in full force. They are huge and fat and descend on you in seconds. I have been a victim the past couple of evenings, my legs are all scratched up. However, this year, according to the Ministry of Health, the mosquitos of 2015 are not a threat.

This letter to the editor in the Gleaner makes some good points. Why is the Ministry telling people not to be concerned about these “vectors”? Instead, they are saying that they can cause “discomfort.” What happened to ChikV? Dengue? ZikV?

The Ministry is also asking people to contact them to indicate which areas need fogging. Do they not have a “vector control” plan? Did they not foresee the drought letting up and the rains coming? It seems to happen every year…

5 thoughts on “Mosquitos no threat this year?

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  2. I think this was such an inappropriate and deceptive thing to say, Kate!! The Ministry just never seems to get the right messages out! Dengue is endemic and comes up every year, chik v is still around… and they say “don’t worry about the mosquitoes”??

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