Election when?

With all the talk about an upcoming election, I was wondering about procedure. It seems from the coverage that the Prime Minister can drop the writ at her pleasure. This is true, according to the Representation of the People Act. 

This clearly leaves the power in the hands of those in charge, as countless trial balloons and by-elections can be floated and held. Polls also help leaders to test the winds. The opposition is left always in the position of catching up.In addition, there are currently no term limits, although there has been talk of implementing them in the past.

This used to be the case in Canada, until fixed election dates were enacted. So now we have more American-style elections that seem interminable.

In any case, it looks like Jamaica is gearing up for an election in the next few months. Here is another take on the situation from a fellow blogger.

1 thought on “Election when?

  1. Thanks for the plug 😊

    It’s not right to say ‘countless trial balloons and by-elections can be floated and held’. By-elections can only be held if an MP vacates a seat, for some reason, so are rare. As for trial balloons, parties take soundings all the time but usually get more antsy when the constitutional delivery date approaches.

    Oppositions tend to get stuck if they have no or few real alternative positions 😊

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