Possibility succeeds


Some good news from the Possibility Program, which I have written about several times. Possibility, run by the gentle and kind Leroy Campbell, works with street boys who are “unattached.” In other words, they most likely come from a single parent home, live on the streets, don’t attend school and don’t have jobs.

Possibility Program is enabling these boys to acquire knowledge such as reading, writing and math, and some skills such as leather-craft. Some of the boys are enrolled in school and are succeeding academically. Read more about the program here. However the story, while positive and enlightening, does not discuss the fact that the program is being evicted from its current location. They must move from the building they occupy in Half-Way Tree.

The building is not conducive to learning, as it is in the heart of one of Kingston’s busiest spots. It is also run-down and in need of major repairs. It seems there is some movement on finding a new location though. This must happen. This is a program doing a lot with very little and these boys cannot lose the guidance and love of a man like Mr. Campbell.

1 thought on “Possibility succeeds

  1. We , CWC has monies I debited to them once they move to a new location and Leroy needs to be reminded of this. We also promised assistance with business cards for their leather crafts and info on how to set up a craft table at craft fairs etc. Let’s not forget!

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