Zika virus warning

In the face of the new mosquito-born virus- Zika- it seems the government has learned its lesson after the tragic way in which they handled ChikV. I was buying prenatal vitamins at the pharmacy the other day and the pharmacist eyed my stomach. “Are you in the first trimester?” she asked. “No, I’m breastfeeding,” I said. “Why do you ask?” I said, suspecting that the Ministry of Health warnings about delaying pregnancy  and protecting oneself from mosquitos have filtered down to this level.

“We are being told to warn women to protect themselves with repellant,”she said.

This is a good sign. It seems the Ministry is taking an aggressive approach to this virus this time around. Hopefully the life-altering effects of Zika can be avoided to a certain extent, although it is inevitable that the virus will make its way to Jamaica.


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