Passion for politics


Jamaican people are never lacking in passion- for their opinions, their politics, their culture. And passion for their leaders was in evidence last Sunday night, when Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller called an election for Feb. 25, 2016. It had been in the air for awhile now, looming as an unknown. It was evident that something was going to happen, however, there are always many signs. Including the funding announcements and photo ops and increased speechifying. In any case, tens of thousands of people turned out on Sunday night, bused in from all over the island. (This shot is taken over Half Way Tree, where the rally was held).

So Jamaicans will go to the polls in less than a month. I wonder if it will be the status quo or a new group of them. I do know that I could never imagine Canadians so devoted and passionate that they would travel across the country (granted Canada is thousands of times bigger than Jamaica) to attend the announcement of an election, a chance to engage their democratic rights. Only about two thirds of Canadians even bother to vote (with Trudeau’s election being a recent anomaly- let’s hope it lasts).

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