Propaganda heats up

With the election looming on Thursday, we were treated yesterday to the pounding, grinding base of a sound system in preparation for  PNP rally in HalfWay Tree. The Prime Minister addresses her “comrades” in the hopes of getting out the vote. Or does it even matter? Only one in two eligible voters cast their ballot. People are predicting a status quo election.

Our apartment complex received this gift the other day. Some glossy propaganda from the JLP candidate Delroy Chuck. It outlines the party’s 10-point plan, which has some solid ideas but no costing, as usual. The figure might be alarming, especially as the country tries to climb out of its economic quagmire and stares down the restrictive IMF agreement.

Also note the politicization of the murder rate, or to non-politicians, the loss of loved ones, friends, colleagues, fellow citizens.

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