Hitching a ride


If you live in Kingston, you have surely seen this man before. He stands in the middle of the city’s main arteries, holding his pants up on his bony frame. I got a close look at his face the other day; he looks to be in his twenties. His eyes are vacant.

I always wonder whether anything can be done. Someone I know once tried to help him by giving him food and clothing. He did not want them. And there are countless other men like him on the streets of Kingston. The police don’t seem to do much of anything. Or maybe these men just go right back on the streets.

3 thoughts on “Hitching a ride

  1. I no longer live in Kingston but I saw him many times on the way to work, gave him clothes, helped him put them on, which I found later he would shed, gave him food and small amounts of money….I also called mental health and spoke to a street worker about him. They were aware of him but did not share interventions they had tried although noted my concerns.
    In my opinion he needs supportive long term housing and care. I think if enough people call mental health services requesting support for him it may be possible to have them give him ongoing care. In the interim I think it is kind to keep acknowledging his being, speaking kindly to him and giving him food. Mother Theresa described the poor she worked with in the slums of India as ‘God, in all his distressing disguises’ …wise words.

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