Keeping your promises…easier said than done

Some interesting observations and suggestions on the election from the former Canadian High Commissioner to Jamaica and the currently frozen Robert Ready.

Meanwhile...back up North

The Jamaican election is now over (although at this writing recounts were underway) and the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), and its leader, the Right Honourable Andrew Holness, looks as though it will soon be taking office.

While Jamaican elections have their own individual character, this one seems to have followed the recent trends that have appeared in other countries.Nobody tells truth

Voters are clearly tired with incumbent administrations generally, and, more specifically the politics of restraint (perhaps particularly so in Jamaica where the governing PNP administration has been successfully implementing an IMF program that has limited fiscal programs).  Beyond this there is a broader malaise; a widespread voter apathy which has resulted in lower and lower turnouts for elections in general.  And, as in other countries, Jamaica has seen the development of an increasingly vibrant and vocal social media community, which (depending on your perspective), has either lead, or reflected, a general rejection…

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2 thoughts on “Keeping your promises…easier said than done

  1. Kate,

    Today’s Ottawa Citizen has an interesting article by Kelly Egan with a photo from 1979, a protest on Parliament Hill. Titled ” The straight goods on the Lord Elgin’s secret gay bar” as it turns 75 yrs this year. May be of interest to JFlag . Front page and A5.

    Does Ari have a Jolly Jumper? That might tire her out as it builds muscles and entertains. 👶

    Hugs Joanne

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