Customer service?

Just over a month ago, two major cable/wireless companies (FLOW and LIME) completed a merger. Of course, the merger came with a fancy rebranding and marketing campaign and a promise of better service. Complaints about customer service have long been rampant, mostly related to outages and inadequate customer service. Indeed, just recently my husband lost a major opportunity online because our Internet chose to trip out just at that moment.

Today, we experienced the madness again. We drove to the location I usually frequent to pay our monthly bill, but it was closed. So we went to the headquarters several minutes away. The line was foreboding, especially with my baby in my arms. I was told I could use the senior citizens line, but it too was too long, so I headed for the automated kiosks. I was told none were working. (This happened before at another location.) I finally ended up paying the bill at a Paymaster several miles away (this is after having to try two ATMs for cash- one had no cash left after the weekend). All this to say, what should have been a 10 minute errand stretched to two hours.

Luckily, the industry is not monopolized here, so we will be switching providers shortly. Especially after our bill has increased by $2,000 per month over two years (roughly $20), with unreliable service. I should also mention that being put on hold lasts more than 10 minutes each time. This marks the completion of my Monday rant.

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