The misplaced goodbye

I’m reblogging this lovely goodbye missive from friend and former Canadian High Commissioner Robert Ready. It’s worth the read!

Meanwhile...back up North

20131128_000856900_iOSJoanne and I had to miss an opportunity to get back to Jamaica recently given a variety of circumstances here in Ottawa.  We had really been looking forward to catching up with old friends.  That got me thinking again about the years we spent in Jamaica and it dawned on me that I had never really said goodbye.  Sure, I had said my farewells to the Diplomatic Corps and to the Canadian Women’s Club.  But I had wanted to say goodbye in a more widely-cast way.

Someone had suggested that I should modify my Diplomatic Corps remarks a bit and submit them as a letter to the Editors of the Gleaner and Observer.  I was intending to do that but one think led to another and the letter never got sent.  I have recently found it.

While it is more than a bit late to be newsworthy now, and a…

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